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Culturally Responsive Course Redesign Studio May 29-31

The purpose of this three day workshop is to provide faculty with the time, resources, information and collaborative support needed to redesign one instructional unit of an existing course following principles of Understanding by Design (UbD) and culturally responsive...

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IACBE 2017 Excellence in Teaching Award

School of Business recognizes Professor Richard Kido as he receives the IACBE’s 2017 Excellence in Teaching Award.

July 2017 SoTL Publications

Congratulations to Darren Iwamoto, Richard Bordner & Pomaika’inani Chandler for getting your SoTL paper published.

Barriers, Challenges, Conflicts, and Facilitators in Environmental Decision-making: A Case of An’Yang Stream Restoration.

Congratulations to Hans Chun whose paper was accepted for publication in the journal River Research and Applications!  He is coauthor of...

Aug. 2017 SoTL Publications

“Coral Reefs, Convicts, Cadavers, Coffee Shops and Couture: Customizing Experiential Learning to Increase Comfort and Engagement”

Faculty Spotlight: Robert Santee

Congratulations to Robert Santee on this month’s Faculty Spotlight.

Book Review: Ah, Mouthless Things by Lee Seong-Bok | World Literature Today

Congratulation to Dr. Brooke Carlson for getting his book review published in World Literature Today.

Awesome CUH Faculty

Welcome to our Awesome CUH Faculty page, where we feature what Chaminade University faculty members are up to. SoTL Publications Awards...

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