Mission Statement

Common to everyone on an academic campus is the growth and development of students. The Center for Teaching & Learning is a venue that promotes improved and enriched learning environments through faculty development opportunities. The Center thus promotes best practices in pedagogy, innovative teaching techniques, and instructional technology, all designed to meet the needs of students and faculty alike. The Center for Teaching & Learning also endeavors to create collegial partnerships across multiple levels and disciplines. It is a gathering place for members of the faculty to share ideas and approaches with their colleagues and reflect on presentations of best practices in university instruction.

Title III

The Center for Teaching & Learning  is currently funded through a Title III grant, it is part of the Title III Part A ANNH Development and Advising Grant (PO31W150002). The grant ends on September 30, 2020.

Key Measures of Success:

  • Increase engagement in faculty development, assessment and research;
  • Increase exposure to the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, including preparing and submitting manuscripts for publication;
  • Increase student participation in research experiences;
  • Offer faculty development workshops and actively engage in workshops;
  • Increase engagement with grant writing; and
  • Create open access electronic learning objects (eLOs) on professional development.