Faculty Fellow (Grant Writing & Research)

Faculty Fellows: Grant Writing and Research 2017-2018

The Center for Teaching & Learning is pleased to announce that we are accepting applications for faculty interested in being part of the Grant Writing & Research Cohort. This fellow is geared towards those faculty who are interested in writing a grant proposal and/or those who have started a grant proposal and wish to improve and complete it. There are six available openings for the Grant Writing and Research fellows.

At a minimum, participating faculty members will be required to:

  • Attend 6 out of the 8 workshop provided, 3 are mandatory.
MWF – 12:30-1:20 p.m.

Center for Teaching & Learning

October 23, 2017 – Mandatory Introduction to Grant Writing: Getting Started
November 1, 2017 The OSR & IA at CUH: Funding Sources & How We can Help
December 1, 2017 – Mandatory Developing the Proposal Narrative
December 6, 2017 Ethics and the IRB
January 29, 2018 Evaluation Plans: Aligning Objects to the Narrative
March 12, 2018 Creating the Biosketch
April 16, 2018 Tips on Creating a Budget
May 2, 2018 – Mandatory Final Questions & Deliverable Reminders


  • Have access to a mobile device at each workshop. Devices (iPads or laptops) will be used to work on grant proposals as part of each workshop.
  • Complete a grant proposal by the end of the Title III funding year (Sept. 30, 2018) with intent to submit. (Note: actual submission is not required but is highly recommended.)

Each participant will receive a $2,500 stipend at the end of the project, following the submission of the deliverables explained above (grant proposal) and attendance at 6 of the 8 workshops; including the 3 mandatory ones on 10/23/17, 12/1/17, and 5/2/18.

To apply, interested faculty should submit the following:

All applications will be open on August 23, 2017 and close on Sept. 23, 2017. Faculty should expect to begin working on their projects in October 2017.  Stipends will be paid through payroll, less any applicable taxes.