Mobile and Active Learning Cohort

Mobile and Active Learning Cohort 2018-2019

The Center for Teaching & Learning invites Chaminade faculty teaching at least one face-to-face course to apply for the Mobile Learning Cohort. The purpose of the program is to provide faculty with the resources needed to explore possible advantages of integrating mobile learning devices in learning environments.  

Faculty selected to participate will receive their own approved mobile device or tool. The cost of the device or tool cannot exceed $500.* There are six spaces available, and we would ideally have at least one faculty member each of the five schools or divisions.  Preference will be given to faculty who agree to participate in a presentation of the device and how it was used to enhance learning in the class.

What is Required of the Cohort Member?

At a minimum, the cohort member will be required to:

  • Collect and report data on the impact of the device on their teaching and on student learning, and
  • Create either a SoTL manuscript based on the impact of your mobile learning project or an Electronic Learning Object (eLO) on how the mobile device was used (and allow the CTL to showcase those efforts on its website). The eLO can be a video or web-based resources that be accessed by faculty.

To Apply:

Interested faculty should complete our online application form:

Important Dates:

Applications are due by September 28, 2018. Faculty should expect to begin working on their projects in October 2018 and submit a SoTL manuscript or eLO by August 31, 2019.  Stipends will be paid through payroll, less any applicable taxes.  Distribution of mobile devices will follow after the award is made.


For the purposes of this application, mobile devices are devices or tools that you can use to enhance the hands-on, active engagement of your learners. Examples include, but are not limited to: iPad, Microsoft Surface, app or program, lab equipment, Go Pro, or any tool that allows for the transfer of information or sharing to a mobile device.

*Devices over $500 will be considered by the C.T.L. (Center for Teaching & Learning) if you provide justification for the additional expense and pending availability of funds.