SoTL Publications by Chaminade Faculty

Scholarly Publications Accepted

Grabowsky, G., Hargis, J., Davidson, J., Suh, J. Wright, C., & Paynter, A. (Aug. 2017)  “Coral Reefs, Convicts, Cadavers, Coffee Shops and Couture: Customizing Experiential Learning to Increase Comfort and Engagement” Journal of University Teaching & Learning Practice

Iwamoto, H., Hargis, J., Bordner, R., & Chandler, P. (July 2017) “Self-Regulated Learning as a Critical Attribute for Successful Teaching and Learning,International Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Vol. 11: No. 2, Article 7

Iwamoto, D., Hargis, J., Taitano, E., & Vuong, K. (2017). Analyzing the Efficacy of the Testing Effect Using Kahoot on Student Performance. The Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education, 18(2).

Washburn, C., & Hargis, J. (March 2017). Faculty development adjustments for international students: A case study. Transformative Dialogues.

Chun, H., & Hargis, J. (January 2017). The empowerment and inclusion of adjunct faculty: A Case Study. Proceedings from the Hawaii International Conference on Education (HICE), January 3-6, 2017.

Yamauchi, L., Taira, K., & Trevorrow, T. (2016). Effective Instruction for Engaging Culturally Diverse Students in Higher Education. International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, 28(3).

Magpantay-Monroe, E. (2017). Integration of Military and Veteran Health in a Psychiatric Mental Health BSN Curriculum: A Mindful Analysis. Nurse Education Today, pp. 111-113.

Castle, L. “The Representation of Time in Ancient Myth and Art”- in the Proceedings of the International Academic Autumn Conference, Kyoto, Japan, Nov. 2016, pp.32-41

Castle, L. “An Idea of Justice in the Platonic Tradition of Russian Religious Philosophy”- In the Official Conference Proceedings Asian Conference on Ethics, Religion & Philosophy  (ISSN: 2187-476X), Kobe, Japan, 2016, pp. 73-79.

Davison, J., & Hargis, J. (October 2016). The challenges of determining student engage in a digital, mobile learning age.Special edition on Mobile learning as a scholarship for teaching and learning. Glokalde eJournal, 2(4).

Roseler, K. (October 2016). Mobile Learning in an Online Science Methods Course. GLOKALde eJournal, 2(4).

Suh, J. (October 2016). Analysis on the Go: Effective Ways of Using Mobile Applications in Design Education. GLOKALde eJournal, 2(4).

Carlson, B. (October 2016). Twitagogy: Writing, Information Literacy, Written Communication, and 21st Century. GLOKALde eJournal, 2(4).

Park, E. (October 2016). A Case Study Exploring Student Engagement with Stanford Mobile Inquiry-Based Learning Environment (SMILE). GLOKALde eJournal, 2(4).

Pandey, R., Mayberry, J., & Hargis, J. (June 2016). How does the structure of a college chemistry exam affect pedagogy. [Cómo la estructura de exámenes de una clase de química universitaria afecta la pedagogía] Journal of Science Education, 2(17), 53-57.

Davidson, J., & Hargis (March 2016). Serendipitous faculty development through Infographic active learning exploration. International Journal on New Trends in Education, 7(2).

Grabowsky, G., & Hargis, J. (February 2016). A longitudinal assessment of academic time allocation. Journal of Transformative Learning, 8(2).

Suh, J., & Hargis, J. (January 2016). An interdisciplinary approach to develop key spatial characteristics that satisfy the millennial generation in learning & work environments. Transformative Dialogues: Teaching & Learning Journal, 8(3).

Hargis, J., Carlson, B., Suh, J., Chun, H., Kaui , T., Lockard, L., Kido, R., Peterson, C., Allen, J., & Soto, M. (January 2016). Backward Design Course Redesign. Proceedings from the Hawaii International Conference on Education, Jan. 3-5.

Hill, R., Hargis, J., & Park, E. (January 2016). Developing, teaching and assessing hybrid English courses. International Journal for Scholarship of Technology Enhanced Learning, 1(1).

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Suh, J., & Hargis, J. (October 2015). Visual syllabus schedule design. Glokalde eJournal,1(4).


Scholarly Publications Submitted

Castle, L. “Methods, Forms and Functions of a Dialogue in Teaching and Learning”-submitted for the publication in the Proceedings of the 24th International Annual Conference on the Universe of Plato’s Thought (‘Plato and Modernity’), Saint Petersburg, Russia, 2017.

Park, E., & Hargis, J. (2015). New perspective on the TPACK framework: The “A” stands for affective.